Being a police officer has many ups and downs; there is still some satisfaction these days, going home at the end of a shift believing you have made a difference to those who still believe in your profession. Most citizens believe they could not or would not do a police officers job. It is still a very dangerous job, whether by accident or someone wanting to hurt a cop on purpose, the risks are very high.

A citizen will praise a cop when that officer rushes to his or her house because someone is breaking in but the next day when a cop gives that same person a speeding ticket the praise is forgotten. No matter how many times an officer rushes to that 911 call it will never be enough to build any trust. Many people (and groups) make a living at bringing out the worst in the police profession.

The lack of trust is hurting policing. Some will say they have brought it on themselves, but the reality is in a city like Toronto where the police respond to thousands of calls to assist the community everyday, there will be times when things do not end up the way some want. Whether an officer had to defend his/herself or arrest a loved one, many should know it is a job where the cops have to come down hard and it will not always be a happy ending.

Police are given the power to defend themselves and others and/or take someone away through an arrest; it is their job. Because of their power, some people will never trust the police and that is now part of the job and the coppers have accepted it. There is nothing they can do but their best when it comes to protecting everyone.

Craig Bromell